Clear Lens Conversion

Our Clear Lens Conversion is not as simple as "swapping" the lenses. Every single lens is custom fitted to each and every particular OEM casing. This is why these lenses will not be for sale, rather we will do the custom fitting and installation. The lenses are polycarbonate composition, which is the exact material all OEM lenses are made of, to be just as durable. Like our Permanent Headlight Restoration service, we will install a protective film to protect the lenses from daily use and abuse. The surround will be painted according to the customers' choice of either black or grey, similar to the OEM lenses, to hide the parts that are not needed to be seen. The lenses are manufactured by RSD, and is included in our pricing for the entire conversion.


Introducing the first and only fog lights Clear Lens Conversion available to date. The lack of aftermarket option for this part has led us to creating our own. The labor intensive and highly expensive route of sanding down your almost 20 year old fluted lenses that was guaranteed to never look perfect was never an option for us to begin with. After months of research and development we have perfected our craft. It starts with an acrylic sheet vacuum molded to a direct negative of your fog light lenses. Next is we perfectly cut out the fluted part of the lenses as well as the mold to fit the front of whats left of the OEM lenses. We use industrial grade solvent weld, the same as what the industry use for fabricating acrylic aquariums, to fuse both parts together permanently for a water tight seal. Because of the design of the fog lights, we paint the edge of the lens, either grey or black depending on your application, to hide parts that can be seen behind the clear lens that used to be hidden with the fluted lens.

Clear Headlight Lens Conversion

1992-2000 Lexus SC300/SC400                    $612

1991-2001 Acura NSX                                    $578

Clear High Beam Lens Conversion

1992-2000 Lexus SC300/SC400                    $360

Clear Fog Light Lens Conversion

1992-2000 Lexus SC300/SC400                    $365

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