LED Conversion

With advancements in modern technology, most modern vehicles come equipped with LED bulbs for indication lights and have completely ditched halogen filament bulbs. LED lights run at a relatively lower amperage than halogen bulbs and can drastically decrease power draw from the battery, the alternator and the engine.

When fabricated with acrylic diffuser materials, the design possibilities become endless. We can pretty much put together any pattern or style however we wish.

With choices of switchback or sequential digital modules to choose from, or go all out with our bluetooth app controlled "dancing" show module to catch attention at car shows and meets.

The boards and diffusers are meticulously shaped for a perfect fit and to maximize the lighting space. Custom mounting points are. built from scratch to secure the boards and wiring. The wiring are also designed to be completely plug~n~play for install.

Please contact us directly to discuss builds as each LED Conversion is custom built and designed from scratch.

LED Conversion

Headlight Indicator / Fog / Corner / Bumper Lights

100+ LEDs


Tail Lights

500+ LEDs


Level 1


Add some more color to your lights other than red, white and amber... and bright red. Bluetooth app controlled, with iOS and Android compatibility, fully controlled and switch between features directly through your phone!


Switchback for Headlight Indicator / Fog / Corner / Bumper Lights

A must add for headlight turn signals, fog, corner or bumper lights, where white and amber LEDs are usually arranged in an alternating pattern when arranged in the same rows. To avoid confusion and to maximize visibility, the switchback module shuts off the white running lights when turn signals are in use.



Add an extra umph whenever you use your turn signals. The sequential effect lights up the LEDs one by one in a chasing-like pattern to catch more attention of other drivers on the road.


Bluetooth App Controlled Show / Dancing / Chasing

The only bluetooth app controlled, with iOS and Android compatibility, for the complete show stopping features. Don't fall short of awesomeness, switch between modes and completely control your LED tail lights directly through your smart phone. Enjoy numerous standard programming features includes: 


Startup Sequence:

• Startup Strobe

• Startup Pulse 

• Startup  Sequential 

• Standard Brakes 


Brake Styles:

• Standard Park Profile 

• Standard Brakes 

• F1 Brakes 

• Sequential Brakes 

Signal Functions:

• F1 + Sequential 

• Standard Signal

• Sequential Signal 

• Sequential Fade signal 

• Boomerang Signal 

• Digital Analog Signal 

12 Showcase Strobe Patterns


Level 2

Acrylic Diffused

Spotty, dotty LEDs are a thing of the past. Modern super bright LEDs are now being diffused for a more appeasing look. The added material also allows us to unlock more aesthetics than just the stock placement of halogen bulbs. If you can imagine it and it fits, we can do it.


Diffused Mirror Acrylic

Want a stealthy look to your tail lights and smoked lenses isn't cutting it? Two-way mirror acrylics will do more than just the trick!


Infinity Mirror / Black Hole

Woah there! You think you can handle the "LC500" look? Now we're talking! Infinity mirror or black hole style has been around for quite some time in the custom world, but Lexus recently made it a standard tail light design and it simply kicks ass!


Level 3

Tail Light Tint Film

Choose from a number of colored options to complete your tail light build!










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