How's the progress of my light art?


Lighting parts to be serviced have arrived in our shop and will be inspected for damages or missing parts prior to being worked on. You will be properly informed of any damages incurred in shipping or missing parts before proceeding to the next steps.


We take every step to disassembling your lights seriously and meticulously to avoid damages especially on older model vehicles. We also scrape off the old glue to make way for a brand new layer when reassembling parts for far less chances of water seepage in the future. 



All parts will be cleaned thoroughly with appropriate detailing materials before getting worked on to avoid contaminating the new parts for a cleaner reassembly and to recreate the exact environment when the lighting parts were being made from the factory. 


We love working on one-of-one designs and are always up for the challenge of creating new light art. This step of the process may take some time depending on the complexity of the work. Regardless of how short or long this process may take, rest assured, we are not sleeping on your project.



We have figured out the new designs or parts to be used for your project! We just need to fine-tune the measurements and finish of the parts.

  • PAINTING/CHROMING/HYDRO-DIPPING/WRAPPING This step will be outsourced through the best people we have successfully worked with in the past and are equally as meticulous as we are to detail, as we believe that a Jack of all trades is a master of none.


  • LENS RESTORATION Unless we are working on brand new lights or lenses, we do the lens restoration right before reassembly to avoid scratching them from testing parts or being in storage through the process.



Every part needed for your project have arrived, has been completed and figured out. A final cleaning and inspection of the parts will be done before reassembly.



Another light art is born. Although we post some of the process through our social media with low resolution shots taken with a smart phone, a work of art needs proper high resolution photos and videos whether its on a bench or a vehicle. Please stay tuned to the final stage of our process as we take another artistic approach to your art work. We will contact you through email with the link to the high resolution photos and videos.



Please check your email for the tracking info. Thank you!