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Daytime Running Lights

More than aesthetics, daytime running lights serve a higher purpose. Studies have shown that vehicles with front lights in the daytime are more conspicuous. Which is really common sense to be honest. '99 model cars to present have DRL from the factory by law. Much like halos, DRLs became more stylized and have been used by car manufacturers as a defining feature for their brand.

We have studied for years how manufacturers design and build their DRLs and apply it to ours. Definitely not as simple as slapping the LED strips on with double adhesive, each application is different based on the style we are trying to achieve. We have never been afraid to try new ways that can lead us to creating a perfect appearance while also bright enough for its application. 

We design brackets or light diffusers in CAD that encase the LED strips and cut them precisely with our CNC machine. The brackets or light diffusers are then paint matched to blend with the rest of the lights when the design calls for it.

We offer a true DRL function for all model cars, old and new. Usually white and turns on with the engine when started. However, some model cars with OEM DRL that share the turn signal light may need additional computer reprogramming if you desire a white output. All necessary additional wiring are included and is designed to be plug~n~play as much as possible. Complete with labels for matching connectors and will serve as simple instructions for installation.

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