How long does it take before I get my headlights back?

For the most part, the turnaround time for custom work can be very hard to determine especially if it's something we haven't done in the past. It is best to check directly with us how long each custom work may last.

We work in an assembly line manner, going through each similar steps alongside other existing builds. We usually have a waitlist for lower level tier projects. High level tier projects will last longer and may not get as much attention due to research and development for perfectly working parts. And we always strive for perfection. It is best to check with us directly to get an accurate estimated time for the waitlist.

Please note that, designs/services purchased through our website are still subject to our waitlist, on top of the actual estimated build time listed in the ad. So please do your due diligence to check directly with us for the current estimated waitlist time.