How long does it take before I get my headlights back?

The best way to determine how long a build will take is to talk to us directly through email. Build times may be hard to determine depending on the complexity of the builds and our availability so all we can provide you is an estimated build time and not absolute. We strive to address all issues we encounter especially for the first designs. A proper research and development goes while in the process of building the lights.  


We build old designs with existing templates in batches. We work in an assembly line manner, going through each similar steps alongside other builds. We start on new batches of builds every quarter or every January, April, July and October. If you ordered some time in between those months, we may or may not be able to tackle your project until the following quarter, so it is best to check directly with us if we can make an exemption for us to work on it sooner. 

Please note that, designs/services purchased through our website are still subject to our waitlist, on top of the actual estimated build time listed in the ad. So please do your due diligence to check directly with us for the current estimated waitlist time.