We at Organized Garage Status always aim for perfection with the services that we offer, but due to the nature of the business - wherein the parts we service are already aged and have wear or extensive damage, we cannot guarantee that every part can be restored or serviced. Any part that cannot be saved or salvaged can be replaced at an extra cost with consideration to availability. Customers will be informed of the condition and pricing before any work is done.


We are not liable for any damage that can arise from certain modifications to the parts. In some models, upon doing the projector retrofit or conversion, some aspects of the headlight’s design will change for good. Specifically the gasket in the back will no longer seal properly due to the different sizing of the projectors. Engine washing, high pressure water or extensive exposure to water may cause water to get in the headlights.

Due to the custom nature of our work, we cannot issue refunds on projects once we have started building them or have ordered the custom made parts included. In the rare instance that we issue a refund after exerting all efforts to resolve certain issues with the builds, we require our parts be shipped back to us in the condition received or we require our products be destroyed beyond its usability with photo or video proof.


We strongly recommend that some modifications are for off-road use only. The customer is obligated to consult and review state and local jurisdiction laws regarding the legality of the said modifications. We are not liable for any unlawful use of the services offered, or any damages incurred from misuse of the modified parts.


We are not affiliated nor do we represent any of the products or companies that we use for our services. Our choice of products or companies to use is based on our personal satisfactory experience with them, and we are not limiting ourselves nor the customers' choice of products or company to use.


Our estimated turn around time is based on a good condition part to be serviced, all necessary parts on hand, and amount of work order on our end. Any update or delay will be communicated accordingly through email, or phone if an immediate solution is needed.