1992-2000 Lexus SC300/SC400 (High Beams)
  • 1992-2000 Lexus SC300/SC400 (High Beams)



    A pair of high quality projector hi-beam. The projector hi-beam provide for intense light beam concentration and unique style for your vehicle. Innovative and unique design that customizes your vehicle with only the fraction of OEM headlights cost. You may also upgrade the light-bulbs to High Intensity Discharge (HID). The headlights is securely mounted by the original screws and nuts of the OEM parts. Installation should take approximately 1.5 hours. If you are unsure about installing automotive accessories by yourself we recommend consulting a body shop. Direct plug & play installation. Made by approved and certified manufacturer to ensure quality and fitment.

    • HEADLIGHTS: 2x of 1992-2000 Lexus SC300/SC400 High Beams

      BULBS: H1 Bulbs