2004-2008 Acura TL








    • 2015-2017 Acura TLX Projector Retrofit

    • Custom Fabricated Casings

    • Custom Molded Bezels

    • Clear Turn Signal Reflectors

    • 7443 CANBUS Error Free Anti Hyper Flash Switchback LED Turn Signal Light

    • Plug~n~Play Wiring


    BUILD TIME: 6-9 months


    Note: Just a little background on our work, the main difference of our work from others, is we do everything right as much as we can. The TLX projectors are one whole array mounted on an incline on huge heat sinks that draw the heat generated by the high powered LEDs away, for longevity of the lights and durability. Removing huge portions of the aluminum heat sinks would be crucial to the reliability of the lights, and being the LEDs are irreplaceable or unserviceable, it would be utterly huge inconvenience to have happen. Which is why the only proper way to build lights with this type of LED arrays is to fuse both headlight casings together, to assure proper enclosure of the critical electronic parts. This process also maintains the height adjustability, and most importantly a horizontally level light output. Because at the end of the day, if the light isn't focused on where it's supposed to, then what's the whole point of this conversion?

    Obtaining the proper geometry for the fusion of the casings is not something I would be able to explain, nor is there a set of techniques to attain it. It varies from headlight to headlight with repetitive measuring and nonstop testing and test fitting.


    The electronic parts of the build is another story. LED headlights have a driver, which does not function like HID ballasts. LEDs run on a much lower voltage compared to HIDs or halogens. A constant power is also very crucial as fluctuating currents is what shortens LEDs lifespan most of the time. These LED drivers also work like an ECU, with hundreds of possible variables affecting it by its original design to work with the cars main ECU, and the inputs mostly work as digital signals. We design our wiring to be completely plug~n~play as much as possible even with the added wiring, complete with matching labels for each plug for ease of install. We literally have to "dumb it down" with added modules, to make it work as analog on much older cars than it came from. The wiring is also always different with other added features affecting the entire design in compliance with certain laws, as much as possible.