9005: Profile PowerHouse HID
  • 9005: Profile PowerHouse HID



    UNMATCHED: performance, only by it's brother from another mother, the HID masters at Morimoto. Built on the same platform as their best selling XB bulbs with a few tweaks special ordered by the Profile people...and while we like the Morimoto's...we love the Powerhouse HID bulbs. Their construction. Their performance. The way they look. A fresh taste of a familiar flavor! 


    QUALITY: You know, it's easy to make shitty HID products these days. The technology has been around for so long that almost any factory abroad can pull it off. Combine that with the fact with the industry-wide notion that HID is “out-dated” and well, it means manufactures are aiming to cut costs on HID products to keep 'em profitable. But the fact is that HID still outperforms LED bulbs by a long shot, and the quality of Profile's Powerhouse bulbs is uncompromised. Like everything else in the Profile lineup, perfection is the point.


    WIRING: Integrated high voltage wiring is insulated with braided nylon for abrasion resistance and an OEM+ appearance. The pass-through cable is also shielded with stainless steel mesh and bound with clamps on each end to keep everything nice and tidy. Silicone rubber seals are standard on all bulbs, and help ensure your headlight housings and all connections are kept dry through all seasons. The wiring side of HID bulbs is often overlooked, but this could not have been executed any better.


    OUTPUT: Using the high quality capsules from the Morimoto XB HID bulbs, intensity isn't a concern. Prax-air gas chamber. Messer germany halide salts. Philips Quartz Glass. It's as good as it gets, and that surely shows in their output ranging from 2900-3400 lumens per bulb at 35W. Available in industry-favorite Kelvin (color) ratings of a warm white 4500K, a pure-white 5500K, and a cool-white 6500K.


    OPTICS: Each bulb is carefully dsigned and then assembled with precision in mind. Once locked into your headlight, the HID arc will be positioned in the same position as the original halogen bulb's filament – which will ensure a properly distributed beam pattern. Despite the added intensity, these bulbs should create no more glare to oncoming traffic compared to stock.


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    • HID BULBS: 2x Profile Powerhouse (9005)

      WIRING: Power inputs & Power pass-throughs

      WARRANTY: 2 Years

      EXTRAS: Profile Decal

    Kelvin Rating