• Diode Dynamics SmartTap CF18 (LM449) Flasher Relay

    The SmartTap™ is a replacement turn signal flasher module compatible with any vehicle using a CF18 (LM449) Flasher. Programming each mode is simple with the help of the included programming guide and the use of existing vehicle controls.


    Tap-to-Signal: One-touch signaling is a convenient way to signal to other drivers when switching lanes. Simply tap the turn signal for a series of signal blinks. 


    Arrival and Departure Modes: When the lock or unlock button is pressed, the surrounding area will illuminate for better visibility when approaching or leaving the vehicle at night. The lighting time can be adjusted from 10-90 seconds for additional illumination, or disabled if desired. 


    Unique Hazard Functions: The SmartTap™ has built-in strobe, slo-mo and wig-wag hazard functions to help the vehicle stand out when the hazards are on. Apply these functions on their own, together or with the strobe setting for a total of EIGHT unique hazard functions!

    This product was designed and fully manufactured by Diode Dynamics, in St. Louis, Missouri. It is fully made in USA.


    The module should be compatible with the following vehicles. Contact us if you are not sure, or need assistance!

    • 2011-2014 Lexus CT

      2002-2012 Lexus ES

      1998-2005 Lexus GS

      2003-2016 Lexus GX

      2010-2012 Lexus HS

      2010-2013 Lexus IS Convertible

      2008-2013 Lexus IS F

      2001-2010 Lexus IS Sedan

      2002-2005 Lexus IS Sportcross

      2007-2012 Lexus LS

      2004-2012 Lexus LX

      1999-2013 Lexus RX


      2013-2016 Scion FR-S

      2005-2013 Scion tC

      2004-2007 Scion xA

      2004-2010 Scion xB

      2008-2012 Scion xD


      2003-2010 Pontiac Vibe


      2013-2016 Subaru BRZ

      2009-2016 Subaru Forester

      2008-2016 Subaru Impreza

      2004-2009 Subaru Legacy

      2005-2007 Subaru Legacy Wagon

      2005-2015 Subaru Outback

      2005-2007 Subaru Outback Sedan

      2008-2014 Subaru Tribeca

      2008-2017 Subaru WRX/STi

      2013-2017 Subaru XV Crosstrek


      2017 Toyota 86

      2003-2009 Toyota 4Runner (non-DTRL)

      2005-2010 Toyota Avalon

      2002-2011 Toyota Camry 

      2003-2010 Toyota Corolla

      2007-2012 Toyota FJ Cruiser

      2001-2013 Toyota Highlander

      2001-2016 Toyota Land Cruiser

      2003-2013 Toyota Matrix

      2001-2015 Toyota Prius

      2001-2012 Toyota RAV4

      2001-2016 Toyota Sequoia

      2004-2010 Toyota Sienna

      2004-2009 Toyota Solara

      2005-2015 Toyota Tacoma (non-DTRL)

      2000-2006 Toyota Tundra

      2009-2016 Toyota Venza

      2007-2011 Toyota Yaris