Projector Lens Upgrade with Tuning Service


With our projector lens upgrade, instead of swapping the entire projector assembly to a different model projector, we upgrade the OEM lenses with a corresponding clear lens that fits the factory projector assembly specifications to maximize the best quality results. Besides the standard universal diameters of the projector lenses, we also take in careful consideration the focus height of the lenses, which is the measurement of the flat surface to the top most part of the hemispherical shape of the lenses, which also dictates the focus of the light.


Though the clear lenses we use for any certain model headlight projector will directly fall in the projector assembly’s specifications, the focus of the light beam will still slightly vary. Our tuning service will precisely adjust the focus down to the last millimeter to get that rich crisp show quality cut-off line for the best lighting performance.


If compared to doing a projector retrofit service, there are a number of advantages with our projector lens upgrade and tuning service besides getting an amazing light output. Aesthetically, since the same exact projector assembly is kept, the diameter of the lenses will remain the same, and there will be no gap between the projectors and the reflector when a smaller projector is utilized. A different projector also proposes a problem with sealing the headlights from water seepage. Other features of the OEM projector assembly are also kept, like the light beam level, for the ease of adjustment.

Please make sure to select a minimum service of either Permanent Restoration or Clear Lens Conversion when ordering this service. Available on select factory projectors.

Projector Lens Upgrade and Tuning Service

1991-1997 Lexus GS300

1992-2000 Lexus SC300/SC400

2001-2010 Lexus SC430

2003-2006 Lexus LS430

2003-2008 Lexus RX300/RX330/RX350

2005-2011 Lexus GS300/GS350/GS430/GS450h/GS460

2005-2013 Lexus IS250/IS350/ISF

2006-2009 Lexus LS460

2006-2012 Lexus ES300/ES350

1993-2002 Toyota Supra

2003-2009 Toyota Solara

2010-2015 Toyota Prius

2007-Present Toyota Camry

2007-Present Toyota 4Runner

2016-Present Toyota Tacoma

2016-Present Toyota 86

2007-2015 Scion xB

2007-2016 Scion xD

2011-2016 Scion tC

2012-2015 Scion iQ

2012-2016 Scion FR-S

2002-2007 Infiniti G35

2003-2008 Infiniti FX35/FX45

2006-2015 Infiniti G35/G37

2002-2012 Nissan Murano

2002-2009 Nissan 350Z

2009-Present Nissan Maxima

2010-Present Nissan Altima

2009-Present Subaru Legacy

2009-Present Subaru Outback

2012-Present Subaru BRZ

2004-2008 Acura TSX

2007-2012 Acura RDX

2004-2014 Acura TL

1999-2009 Honda S2000

2004-2012 Porsche 997

2003-2012 Mercedes Benz E-Class (Bi-Xenon)

1994-2001 BMW E38 (Bi-Xenon)

1995-2004 BMW E39 (Bi-Xenon)

1998-2006 BMW E46 (Bi-Xenon)

2002-2008 BMW E65 (Bi-Xenon)

2002-2008 BMW Z4 (Bi-Xenon)

2003-2010 BMW E63 (Bi-Xenon)

2004-2012 BMW E90/E91/E92/E93 (Bi-Xenon)

2007-2013 BMW E70 (Bi-Xenon)

2002-2006 Audi A4 (Bi-Xenon)

2004-2011 Audi A6 (Bi-Xenon)

2008-2013 Hyundai Genesis

2003-Present Mazda 3

2003-Present Mazda 6

2003-2012 Mazda RX-8

2005-2015 Mazda MX-5 Miata

2006-Present Mazda CX-9

2006-2012 Mazda CX-7

2007-2014 Mazda 2

2013-Present Mazda CX-5


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