Projector Retrofit

The projector retrofit is comprised of 2 to 3 parts: projectors (of your choice), custom brackets for installation and seamless adjustability like stock, and depending on the diameter of the projector, it may need a shroud (optional) to cover the gap between the projector and reflector. We order all the parts for the Projector Retrofit service directly from a very well-known company. Customers still have the option to source their own parts.


Our Projector Retrofit service has been divided in 4 different levels according to the projector's pricing and performance. Pricing will include parts and labor as an add-on to our Permanent Restoration service.

Please make sure to select a minimum service of either Permanent Restoration or Clear Lens Conversion when ordering this service.


Bi-Xenon: ACME Standard H1

Bi-Xenon: ACME Super H1

Bi-Xenon: ACME Standard D2S


Level 1

Low Beam: Lexus RX / Black Series Hybrid (D2S Bulb)

Low Beam: Infiniti M45 (D2S Bulb)

Bi-Xenon: Morimoto Mini H1 7.0 (H1 Bulb)

Bi-Xenon: Morimoto Mini D2S 4.0 (D2S Bulb)

Bi-Xenon: Morimoto FX-R 3.0 (D2S Bulb)

Bi-Xenon: Morimoto 4TL-R

Bi-Xenon: EvoX-R 2.0

Bi-Xenon: Morimoto Matchbox 2.0 (H1 Bulb)

Bi-Xenon: Profile Bi-Lens (D2S Bulb)

Bi-Xenon: ACME G5-X (D2S Bulb)

High Beam: Profile Hi-Lens LED

Bi-Xenon: NHK G5-X (D2S Bulb)


Level 2

Low Beam: Acura TSX

Bi-Xenon: Lexus RX350

Bi-Xenon: Acura TL


Level 3

Low Beam: Honda S2000

Bi-LED: Profile Bi-Lens LED


Level 4

Low Beam: Infiniti Q45

Bi-Xenon: Lexus LS430

Bi-LED: Morimoto M LED

Bi-LED: Koito 3"


Level 5

Bi-LED: Osram LEDriving Retrofit Kit


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