AutoFashion VIP Fest VIII Edition

November 9, 2014

AutoFashion VIP Fest is one of the most sought after meets in the JDM car scene that happens once a year here in the sunny San Diego. It comes right after SEMA, so everyone are anxious to see VIPers from all over the nation that was up in Vegas to be there for that one day event.


For starters, for people who don't quite get what VIP style is all about, let me give you a short oral history of what, where and when it all started. People might have an idea by now that it all started in Japan. That’s right, the land of the rising sun. Well, according to some articles I’ve read from people here in the U.S. who basically put life in this culture so to speak, VIP was actually the way Japanese guys pronounced the word “whip” (You know, same as the urban American slang for “cars”) due to their incapability to pronounce the letter “V”. Errr, not really too sure about this story, but whatever, it still works for me… and the entire concept of the style.


The style originated from the Yakuza’s AKA Japanese mafia during the 80’s when Japanese law enforcement was cracking down on organized crime. They didn’t want to attract too much attention to themselves by driving exotic European luxury cars, so they figured they’d just get the flagship models of their own car brands, and just go all out on customization and modification for that “whip appeal”. See what I did there?