98-00 Lexus LS400 Brake Calipers Rebuild

September 26, 2015

After putting some miles of driving on our vehicles, maintenance will always catch up to it. And nothing is more important than the system that stops the car. It is ideal to flush and bleed the brake fluid system every 80-100,000 mile interval. Even though the system is sealed, the fluid is designed to absorb moisture and it accumulates dirt after some time, which leads to the deterioration and failure of the brake calipers seals. Once dirt or corrosion start to build up in the brake caliper piston chambers, the piston have a harder time sliding in and out of the chambers and do its job of squeezing the disc brakes with the brake pads. This can cause overheating of the brake calipers, and you'd know it when your steering start to pull in either direction when you pump the brakes, then it's time to rebuild your brake calipers. I decided to get my LS400 brake calipers polished back when I did the swap so they're nice and shiny since the material is cast aluminum.



The brake calipers are two halves bolted together by these four star key bolts.


The torx/star key size is T-47.