92-00 Lexus SC300/SC400 Door Panel Repair

July 28, 2017

If you've acquired a 20 year old Lexus, congratulations! Your plastic door panels are probably cracked in every stress point and breaking apart from the door itself. Some may think that fixing door panels would be as easy us mixing up some resin, and pouring it to the cracks. Nope, resin does not stick to plastic. Even if you rough it up. Resin will simply peel off clean once its dry and cured. So what's the best and most cost effective way of fixing these type of plastic door panels you ask? EPOXY! If I may say, I have personally developed a love for this stuff! This stuff is truly amazing any way you wanna use it. It's as simple as, patty cake, patty cake, mix up A and B.


The first order of business, is strengthening the stress points of the door panels, mainly the door handle. Whoever thought it was a good idea to use plastic door handles on doors that weigh a ton? I decided to use corner braces as they were galvanized, very tough, cheap, easy to come by at your local hardware store and rust resistant.