DIY VL●OG: Lexus ES300 Toyota Camry/Avalon/Sienna/Solara Trailing Arm Wheel Hub Creaking Bushing Fix

This was such a relief to get done. If there's one thing I can't stand, it is unnecessary noise. Ever since we bought the ES, there was this creaking noise coming from the rear. I always thought it was just the old suspension and tried to ignore it the best I could. After researching it more, it was just as simple as replacing a single bushing. We've worked on about 3-4 SCs and upgraded every single bushings to polyurethane in the past, and knew that this was going to a piece of cake.

To avoid having to remove the entire wheel hub just to press in a single bushing, we put together some simple parts to install the new bushings.

3/8 5" bolt and nut

Various washer sizes

Square washer (used for deck building)

2" long 2" diameter PVC cutout

0.5" long 2" diameter PVC cutout

Bought the polyurethane bushings off of Amazon. There's a handful of options. It's the same for the Camry's of the same year. I chose to go with polyurethane since its harder, yet the one I chose wasn't as hard as the performance types which didn't change the ride feel of the vehicle. All in all, I am very pleased with the outcome, as my 21 year old Lexus, rides like a Lexus again.

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