DIY VL●OG: GX470 Air Injection Pump CEL P0418 & P2445

This was one helluva costly mistake for me. After My SC300 sat for a few months and testing headlights on and off of it, the battery depleted its charge. Naturally, I jump started it with the nearest vehicle I had which was the GX470. While telling myself to be very careful not to touch the positive and negative wires, I did. Next thing I know, the check engine lights up and giving out codes P0418 & P2445. Upon research, this was a common issue on the 2UZFE engines, wherein a foam filter dry rots and gets sucked by the air pump, eventually damaging the air pump blades and gets the debris all over the air pump system and clogs up everything.

The difference is, with the Toyota Tundras and Sequoias, the air injection pump is mounted right beside the engine and very easy to access. With the GX470, its beneath the intake manifold. With my smog inspection coming up, I had to address this issue quick. I ordered all the parts necessary, and before anyone start thinking you don't need all these parts, we also recorded proof that the entire system is compromised and need to be replaced completely. I bought all the parts through Amazon and seems to be the fairest price for OEM parts.

(4x) 17377-50010 Air Tube Gasket For Manifold Air Injection System

25720-50020 Air Pump Check Valve

25710-50022 Air Pump Check Valve

25720-50011 Air Pump Check Valve

17342-50180 Air Injection System Hose

17341-50180 Air Injection Hose

Felpro MS 96672 Intake Manifold Gasket Set

OKAY MOTOR Secondary Air Injection Pump

The secondary air injection pump was a replacement, as I did not feel like spending $400+ on OEM. All the parts cost roughly $600+. Plus a few more on special tools, like the low profile 10mm socket.

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