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Custom Fabrication

You can expect great and properly engineered products from our basic installation services. As with our custom fabrication service, this is where art meets our work. We can practically construct anything you wish for, from custom mold, casing, wiring, features, etc. There is no limit to what you can dream of. If you cannot find it in any of our basic services, we can accomplish it here. This is where we can try new things without fear of failing.

The examples below are for the custom fabrication itself excluding other installation services. Other services included in the examples can be mixed and matched according to your liking. For accurate pricing, contact us with the design you have in mind so we can work together and plan your build. You can find all our past work in the Artisan Lighting section.


Starts at $872.32

If you are familiar with the OEM first generation Lexus SC headlights, the first thing that stands out is the additional micro projector (Morimoto Matchbox) which replaced the OEM dummy projector for the park lights. We then added a reflector strip in what used to be a secondary lens for the indicator lights. The divider for this section was cut flush to the secondary lens' height and seamlessly molded together with the micro projector into the bezels.

LS460 F-Sport Style

Starts at $1363.54

Inspired by the LS460 F-Sport headlights, we added two micro projectors in place of the stock dummy projectors and the turn signal section. The two-tone paint was also matched with a metallic gunmetal that Toyota/Lexus use for accent parts and a piano black for background.

LS500 Style

Starts at $1253.42

Although short-lived, the LS500 headlights were set apart from the new Lexus fascia by having three "rays" instead of the"L" insignia.

Three Strikes

Starts at $1253.42

Another iteration of SC400TT design, the three amber stripes makes for an interesting gradient turn signal light.

Lexus "L"

Starts at $762.20

If we could get a dollar for every person that has asked us to emulate the Lexus "L" DRL, however we do not get paid for half-baked designs. The idea is to make it look like it came out of the factory that way. Adapting the modern design cues to replace the old and outdated design cues is the way we make it work.

Custom Fog Lights

Starts at $629.60

They say if it ain't broke don't fix it. That may be true, but sometimes we like to do things for the challenge. In this case, the projector may have been oversized but it is also the perfect size. Because the stock bezel was also the foundational structure of the fog lights, we had to remold it as a projector shroud as well as nothing else will fit in it.

Park Light Delete

Starts at $329.60

Most SC owners find the stock park light annoying. It is oddly designed to look like a projector, but it isn't. We are guessing it is not really meant to be seen clearly behind the fluted lenses. By shaving it clean we simply moved the park light function to the turn signal lights as the JDM Soarer intended it to be by having a dual filament bulb.

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