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Originally designed by BMW as accent or daytime running lights (DRL). Halos are commonly round shaped rings that highlight the main light source. Whether projectors or round reflectors, they can now be found in a variety of shapes and sizes, from semi-circle, hex, "X-halo" and even heart shaped, mostly exclusive in RGB. They have completely become a staple for headlight design both OEM and aftermarket and have since evolved with most car companies coming out with their own respective versions of accent lights. Halos have come a long way from incandescent bulbs to chip on board (COB) powering halo-shaped acrylic rods. SMD LEDs on halo-shaped boards with a special phosphorus silicone coat that disperses light evenly is the latest and best quality.

Our professional installation service entails mounting the halos unto the projectors or bezel. Some instances include drilling and trimming in the least conspicuous locations for a clean and seamless appearance. Wiring is designed to be plug~n~play as much as possible and connected with other OEM or custom features that function in the same manner, such as DRL and turn signal lights. All additional necessary wiring will be provided, complete with matching labels for connectors that go together and also serve as basic instructions for the wiring.


The Switchback feature allows a group of lights that share the same space to switch between two colors one after the other. This eliminates confusion when indicator lights are in use and make it more conspicuous for other drivers.


Red-Green-Blue, also known as the basic colors, make up the entire prism of colors when mixed in certain shades. This feature will definitely add contrast to the OEM colors.

Fully control this feature through a bluetooth app. Assign up to three zones that can be controlled individually of each other and can perform different colors, strobe, fade and brightness.

For street legality purposes, the controller resets back to white as a default color. The RGB feature also functions as indicator lights.

Infinity Halos

Available as an add-on for both halo options. Only applicable in the absence of projectors as an accent, park or daytime running lighting.

The assembly, comprised of a one-way mirror and a regular mirror facing each other, encase the halos. All parts are precision machined specific to the halo size of choice. This creates an illusion of an endless blackhole of halos.

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Demon Eyes

Have you ever shone your light in the dark to find a pair of glowing eyes staring back at you? It can be your pet dog or cat, maybe a wild animal hiding in the bushes, or the demon in our dreams. Whatever it may be, a pair of glowing eyes makes for a great preface to a mean looking beast.


Not just a great option for adding contrast to other features, Demon Eyes are not exclusive backlighting for projectors and can also be a great option for accent lighting.


Passive Demon Eyes are achieved by painting the cutoff shield of the projectors or other internal parts not necessary for projecting the light out. Any color can be achieved, generally, the brighter and furthest color from grey, silver or dark colors will be more conspicuous.

Single Color

Available in blue, amber, red, green, white and purple.


Fully control this feature through a bluetooth app. 3 zones can be controlled independently of each other, and can perform different colors, strobe, fade and brightness.

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