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LED Conversion & Animation

The foundation of an electronic device is the printed circuit board (PCB). They are the roadways of electronics. There are a lot of variables involved in manufacturing electronic devices. Advancements in modern technology have made it possible to manufacture reliable and high quality electronic devices in small quantities. PCBs are made specific to a design. It can either be the OEM pattern or a Custom Pattern. (Our Custom Pattern service for LED Conversion coincide with our Artisan Lighting service. Custom design and build planning is required to get a general idea of pricing.)

We hand-pick electronic components we utilize based on their functionality and features. Surface mounted devices (SMD) are the current standard in the electronics industry as well as our personal preference due to their very low profile dimensions, high intensity not to mention the latest in LED technology. Just to give you an idea, a single 3528 SMD LED (3.5mm x 2.8mm) can be as bright (or even brighter) as a single superflux LED (5mm x 5mm). Its rectangular profile allows us to mount the LEDs much closer to each other to achieve more seamless lines and intricate patterns even without diffuser material.

After the math, the PCB's are designed via computer aided design (CAD). Hundreds of hours may go into this stage of the build. We figure out the schematics based on the features included and each wiring is routed manually much like a puzzle.

We receive the boards within a week or two of submitting the designs to the manufacturer. Solder paste is applied on the pads, and whether there is a hundred or three thousand, each component is arranged manually for the time being. The assembly is placed in a reflow oven, set to the electronics data sheet specifications to heat the solder paste to its melting point and weld the components permanently on the board. Components mounted on the opposite surface are soldered by hand. The completed LED Conversions are tested countless times for functionality before being installed in the light assemblies. 


Dual In-Line Package (DIP)



Superflux (Piranha)



Surface-Mount Device (SMD)


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LED Conversion & Animation

Custom Pattern


Breadboard or Prototype Board


Printed Circuit Board (PCB)

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