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Permanent Restoration & Protection

Permanent Restoration

Our Basic Permanent Restoration service is focused on lights that only require the outer lens to be restored. This can be done in person or by shipping us your lights. This service entails masking the lights' surrounding area prior to sanding, buffing, polishing and lastly, sealing with protective film to prevent weathering in the future. This service is done upon our assessment and discretion since not all plastic lenses are created equal. Other models may suffer from irreversible damage like heat stress cracks or permanent discoloration to name a few.


The Pro Permanent Restoration service is in addition to the Basic for lights that would require being taken apart to fix or build. This process is more tedious and would require you to leave or ship the lights to us throughout the entire process. After disassembly, we painstakingly scrape off the old butyl glue that hold the front lens and back casing together and create the water tight seal. Once apart, all internal parts are carefully removed, cleaned and/or modified as needed, before laying a new bead of butyl glue for resealing. The goal is to recreate as much of the same conditions these lights were in when newly built from the factory.


Water seepage is the leading cause of damaged internal parts. The longer you wait, the more parts it can damage inside. Humidity will weaken and damage chrome reflectors, rust mechanical parts and destroy wiring. Soot can also build up inside the light assemblies from the bulbs' heat through years of driving with the lights on. Dirt and insects can also find their way inside these sealed parts and can really be an eyesore. These are just some examples of what would require our Pro Permanent Restoration service over the Basic.

Basic - Headlights


Basic - High Beams/Bumper Lights/Fog Lights/Corner Lights


Pro - Headlights


Pro - High Beams/Bumper Lights/Fog Lights/Corner Lights


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Permanent Protection

The Permanent Protection service is focused on brand new light assemblies or newer lights without any significant damage that would require the outer lenses to be sanded, buffed and polished. We will install a protective film layer to prevent weathering in the future.


This service is divided into two main types of seals that factories use upon assembly.


Butyl is a rubber type glue that is very sensitive to temperature. This is easily disassembled with the right tools usually put in an oven for 20-30 minutes at a time. Once the glue has softened enough, we can carefully pry the light assemblies apart with a spreader tool.


Permaseal is becoming the new standard in headlight manufacturing. Due to mass production, butyl sealed assemblies have a very high failure rate that car manufacturers often replace under warranty. As the name would suggest, this is a one time only use type of seal that creates a permanent bond between the front lens and back casing. Taking apart permasealed light assemblies needs a lot of patience, persistence and experience to avoid damaging the parts beyond functionality. It requires higher heat than butyl to soften and cools very quickly which makes it very difficult to work on. 

Butyl - Headlights


Butyl - High Beams/Bumper Lights/Fog Lights/Corner Lights


Permaseal - Headlights


Permaseal - High Beams/Bumper Lights/Fog Lights/Corner Lights



Rear lights do not get the same amount of abuse that front lights do. Road debris, foreign elements and weather plays a huge part in the front lights' deterioration. The only contributing factor to the rear lights' degradation is age and car washing habits. Besides the former, how a car is washed can tremendously impact all exterior parts with swirl marks and scratches.

The process of restoring rear lights is similar to our Permanent Restoration service. However, the lens material used for the rear is different from the front lights and does not require a protective film to prevent weathering.

We only offer our Basic Restoration service on sonic welded lights. 

Basic - Tail Lights


Pro - Tail Lights


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